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Registered Chartered Electrical Engineers 2021

We hereby publish “List of Registered Chartered Electrical Engineers” with LECO to

– Conduct Independent Investigations with respect to the claims for damages to appliances, equipment or property due to abnormalities in voltages or phase reversals in the distribution system of LECO as per the regulations on Electricity (Distribution) Performance Standards issued under Sri Lanka Electricity Act No 20 of 2009.

Regulations on Electricity (Distribution) Performance Standards-Extraordinary gazette-1975/44 dated 13th July 2016 The fees for conducting investigations by independent professionals (Chartered Electrical Engineers) are fixed as per the approved charges published by LECO for year 2021 as follows.

Bulk Tariff customer – Rs.22,100/=

Retail Tariff Customer- 3phase – Rs.11,100/=

Retail Tariff Customer- 1 phase – Rs. 5,600/=

If any customer wishes to take the service of Registered Chartered Electrical Engineer out of the list, he/she has to deposit the required fee with LECO. If an investigation reveals that the damage to appliances, equipment or property is caused by abnormal voltages or phase reversals of LECO electricity supply, the deposited fee will be refunded to the customer or otherwise shall be used to pay the professional fee.

Note that customers have the choice of selecting Electrical Engineer of LECO to carry out the investigation and then fees will not be required to deposit or charged.

– To provide Installation Inspection & Test Reports for the customer premises as and when LECO requests such reports from customers as per the Section 3.1.1.(l), (b) and (b) of Supply Services Code of LECO.


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