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New Service Connections (Retail & Bulk)

Owner or occupant of any premises can apply for a new service connection.

Service Connection Capacities:

Retail Connections Bulk Connections
230V 230/400V 11kV
Single Phase 15A 100kVA Requested capacities
Single Phase 30A 160kVA  
230/400V 250kVA
Three Phase 30A 400kVA
Three Phase 60A 630kVA

Owner or occupant of any premises situated in distribution area of Lanka Electricity Company (LECO), can obtain New Service Connection Application, Electricity Supply Agreement Forms (two copies) and Instructions to Customers documents free of charge from closest LECO Customer Service Center /Branch Office or download the documents using following link.

Download Forms:

  Downloadable Form
Application for New Service Connection CSC/FO/24
Electricity Supply Agreement-English CSC/FO/25(E)
Electricity Supply Agreement-Sinhala CSC/FO/25(S)
Instructions to Customers-English CSC/DO/10(E)
Instructions to Customers-Sinhala CSC/DO/10(S)
Instructions to Customers-Tamil CSC/DO/10(T)

Documents to be Submitted with the application

  1. Copy of the National Identity Card/Pass port/ Driving License of the applicant.
  2. Copy of  a document to prove ownership or occupancy (Transfer  deed or Lease/Rental agreement)
  3. Copy of one of the following documents to confirm the address and occupancy
    1. A document related to payment of assessment tax ( assessment notice/ payment receipt) issued by the local authority
    2. House number issued by the Graama Niladhari
    3. Any other acceptable document which can be produced to confirm the address such as bank pass books, letters received within six months period on applicant’s name to the premises, utility bills, vehicle registration certificate, vehicle revenue license, insurance policies etc.  
  4. Copy of the National Identity card/Pass port/ Driving Licence of the witnesses of the agreement
  5. Installation test certificate ( To be submitted as pre-requisite to energize the connection)


    Connection Capacity
    Retail- 1 phase 15A Installation test certificate from an electrician
    Retail- 1 phase 30A
    Retail- 3 phase 30A
    Retail- 3 phase 60A Installation test certificate from a registered Chartered Electrical Engineer
    All Other connection capacities- LV Bulk and MV bulk

    Installation test certificate from a registered Chartered Electrical Engineer

    Extra Document Requirements

  6. If the premise is located in a public land (ex. licensed lands, railway reservation, road reservations, marshy lands)
    1. Written approval given by the respective authority to occupy the land/ property
    2. Certificate of residing issued by the Graama Niladhari certifying that applicant is resided in the premises more than one year period and is registered in the of the current electoral list or if within urban limits, applicant’s name appeared in assessment tax register for the premises


  7. If the premise is located within the coast conservation limits
    A copy of the valid license issued by the Coast Conservation Department, which is certified by the applicant.


  8. If service connection is requested under a name of a business entity, following extra documents related to the company or partnership
    1. Business Registration certificate
    2. Details of director board/ partners
    3. Authorization letter from the director board if the application/electricity agreement is signed by a person other than a member of the director board
    4. VAT registration, Tax exemption documents (if any)


  9. If the supply is requested under religious tariff for charitable purpose, a copy of the certificate issued by the Director Social Services certifying the institute as an approved charitable institute or any other acceptable document issued by the government.


  10. If the supply is requested under Hotel tariff
    A copy of the Registration at the Tourist Board of Sri Lanka as the Hotel.

Application Fees

No Application fees


As per the Standard Charges approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka.

Application Submission Time

LECO Branch Offices Closed on Sundays, Poya days and Mercantile Holidays
Week days 08.30 am – 05.00 pm
Saturday 09.00 am-12.30 pm
LECO Customer Service Centers Open on 365 days
08.30 am – 05.00 pm

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