Lanka Electricity Company (Pvt) Ltd

What We Do

LECO is one of five electricity distribution licensee (EL/D/16-004) in Sri Lanka to "Distribute & Supply" electricity to the customers within its franchised area. We own and operate an electricity distribution network feeding Medium and Low-voltage electricity to more than 585,000 customers along the Western coastal belt of the country.



Our main functions are

Providing electricity supplies to customers

LECO is always dedicated to maintaining a safe and hassle free electricity supply to our customers around the clock on their demand in capacity of retail single phase to bulk supplies at Medium and Low Voltage level.


Develop, Operate and Maintain Safe and Reliable Electricity Distribution Network

LECO is committed to supply a reliable and safe electricity supply to the customers at all the time. We are continually carrying out system development activities that work effectively in order to maintain the safety, reliability, customer demand and reduced system losses in our network. We strictly adhere internationally accepted safety and quality regulations in accordance with the requirements of Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka in operation and maintenance of our distribution network.


Attending Customer Service Breakdowns, Complaints and Requests

Being customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, LECO staff is always dedicated to support for all types of customer issues (technical, legal, administrative, etc.) related to the electricity distribution system. Customers can access LECO management or relevant staff anytime through telephone, fax, e-mails, letters or walk through visits. MYLECO Mobile Application is also available for any registered customer which we found a highly effective way to interact any inquiry like breakdowns complaints, electricity bill related information and payment history.

LECO staff work hard to attend all service breakdowns within a time of 30 minutes. We have a dedicated team in the customer service centers to attend to customer service breakdowns and electricity distribution system faults on a 24/7 basis. This process is well monitored to minimize the electricity outage duration. We are using state of art technologies and initiatives like Breakdown App and Breakdown Vehicle Tracking Systems to improve customer service standards even further.

Revenue Collection

LECO issues electricity bills to customers every month. Customers are given various bill payment options and mechanisms at their convenient.

Distribution Energy Loss Reduction

LECO always gives a major attention to reduction of energy losses in the distribution system maintain our distribution system energy loss below 4.5% for last five years. We are totally aware that reduction of energy losses in the distribution system will help to save significant financial savings on power generation of the country. It also helps to minimize emissions due to power generation which is good for the environment.

Promote Renewable Energy Admission

LECO believes that addition of renewable energy sources can make a significant impact on global battle for climate change and for a low carbon future. Therefore, we always encourage our consumers to become prosumers with installed renewable energy sources.

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