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Announcement to LECO customers in isolated areas due to COVID-19 Situation

07 05 2021 - 13:50 PM
We kindly inform you that due to the isolation of your area, there are practical problems in issuing monthly electricity bills properly. Once we have the opportunity to get the meter readings on your premises, arrangements will be made to issue bills on a pro-rata basis for the relevant periods and issue them to you or send by post.
However, if you are able to send us the electricity meter reading of your premises via SMS, we will be able to prepare your electricity bill and notify you as an SMS.
All you have to do is, take your electricity meter reading on or around your monthly electricity bill date and send a SMS  to 0714-643-643 as shown in the following format.

                               M< your electricity account no>Meter Reading            <- space
For example, if your electricity account number is 0304360608 and the meter reading is 4539, you should send the following SMS to 0714-643-643.
                               M 0304360608 4539 .

Special Notes:
1. Bills will be processed considering the date on which you send us the SMS as the relevant reading date.
2. If you have several electricity meters installed in your premises, pay special attention to get the reading of the electricity meter attached to the relevant electricity account. Your electricity bill will indicate the meter number attached to the electricity account.
3. Get the meter reading without decimal places. Check if that reading is comparable to previous months' readings.

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