Lanka Electricity Company (Pvt) Ltd

New Service Connections

Owner or occupant of any Premises can apply for a new service connection.

Service Connection Capacities:

Retail Connections Bulk Connections
230v 230/400v 11kv
Single Phase 15A 100kVA Requwsted Capacities
Single Phase 160kVA
230/400V 250kVA
Three Phase 30A 400kVA
Three Phase 60A 630kVA

Owner or occupant of any premises situated in distribution area of Lanka Electricity Company (LECO) can obtain New Service Connection Application, Agrement Forms (two copies) and Instructions to Customers document free of charge from closest Customer Service Center/ Branch Office or download the documents.

Application fees

No Application fees


As per the Standard Charges approved by the Public Utilities Commision of Sri Lanka.

Application Submission Time

Leco Branch Offices Closed on Sundays, Poya Days and Merchantile Holidays Week Days 08.30 am - 05.00 pm Saturday 09.00 am - 12.30 pm
LECO Customer Service Centers Open on 365 days 08.30 am - 05.00 pm

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