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About Us

Lanka Electricity Company Private Limited is a company incorporated in 1983 for the electricity distribution in Sri Lanka. The formation of the company is by acquiring assets of local authorities to create a modern and efficient distribution network.

What We Do

Electricity makes our day to day lives Comfortable and easier, but can be a deadly hazard if mishandled. We are committed to providing you with awareness of importance of safety when using it.

How To Save Your Electricity Bill

Electrical power is a little bit like the air you breathe: You don't really think about it until it is missing. Power is just "there," meeting your every need, constantly.

Energy Consumption Calculator

Use our Energy Consumption Calculator to calculate the energy consumption cost of your various electrical appliances and devices.

News and Press Release

Revised definition for Industrial Consumers

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) has revised the definition for the Industrial Consumers tariff category in line with Government policy directives. It will be effective from November 15, 2014. The definition is: “The supply of electricity to be used for ‘Agriculture’, ‘Forestry and Fishing’, ‘Mining and Quarrying’, ‘Manufacturing’, ‘Electricity, Gas, Steam and [...]

Electronic meters for electricity consumers

  Launching ceremony of the first Electronic electricity meter manufactured in Sri Lanka was held under the patronage of Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa on 24th June at Crystal Ball Room in Taj Samudra Colombo. Anteleco Electricity Metering Company Pvt Ltd, a joint venture between the Lanka Electric Company (LECO) and the Ante Meter Company of China, has manufactured [...]


This is a very prestigious event in the calendar of the Institute of Charted Accountants of Sri Lanka and most of the big, small and medium size companies in Sri Lanka participate in this competition. Various sectors are identified by the Institute such as Power and Energy, Tourism, Hospitals, Industries Etc. Lanka Electricity Company for [...]

Solar Power for the president’s house.

In keeping with the Mahinda Chinthanaya initiative of generating 10% of the country’s electricity through renewable energy sources by 2016, a solar power system was established at the presidents house yesterday. The solar power supply to the presidents house was switched on by the president, which has a maximum capacity of 05 KW. The solar [...]